Summer Fun & Safety

Whether taking your dog to the beach or the park or just around the block, we all want to be outside with our dogs this time of year.  

Here’s some fun & safe ideas your furry friends will love:


1.  Go for a walk…
Tried and true, this is the easiest way to bond with your dog, explore your neighborhood, meet new people, get active or just enjoy the simple pleasure of time with your pup.  Try a no distractions walk, aka no headphones and leave the phone on silent in your pocket, then you can pay more attention to your furry besty.  Make walking a relaxing activity & enjoy the world around you.  Be inspired by this “You’ll Never Walk Alone” collar & leash.  


2.  Walking & Training…

And if you’re currently training your dog while walking or outside, use this handy Leash Wrap to subtly and kindly let others know now is not the time to pet your pup.



2.  Pre & Post Walk…
If you dog has sensitive pads, keep them safe and protected with these very fun & retro Canvas Hi-Top Dog Shoes.  If your pup is not into wearing shoes, we get it, but make sure you check your dogs paws for any irritation from hot cement or rocks after their walk.  This organic Paw Soothing Balm can help soothe dry, cracked or rough paws, post walk.
And don’t forget to check for ticks while giving your pup a nice massage.


3.  Keep Watch…
Keep an eye on your pets while you’re out of town, out of the country traveling or just at a friend’s BBQ down the street, with this Compact Indoor Smart Security Cam.  Gives you peace of mind with HD video, night vision, motion detections & 2-way AUDIO!


4.  Nighttime & Bedtime…
Want to keep your dog off the couch or bed?  Give them their own special spot.  Lay down a blanket or get them a customized dog bed.
Good for air conditioned nights with your pup, identify their “spot” with our luxury soft & I mean Sherpa soft, Barks Blanket
OR open the windows & turn on the fan, while you tell your pup to “go to your spot” in his new personalized Dog Bed.  
Remember, show them their spot & praise them every time they choose to use it!  Two goods for every bad ;). 
You’ll be “training for a year and spoiling for a lifetime” before you know it! 


5.  Drink more Water…
Just like us human, dogs need lots of water after long walks or hot days too.  They sweat through their mouth, not their skin like we do, so the more water the better!  Here’s a travel option water bottle and a stay at home water bowl too.


All products featured on this website are specifically selected by Barks for their functionality or used by us during training sessions.  When you buy something through the retail links above, we may earn an affiliate commission. 


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