Finding a Breed That Fits Your Fam!

Fall is the perfect time to think about adding a furry friend to your family!

Perhaps you’ve started your puppy research, or you’re not sure how to start, we here at Barks can help!  Make the right breed choice for that surprise holiday gift;). 

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What Breed is Right for our Fam? Top 10 ?s to Ask!

1.  Exercise Requirement?
How active are you?
How active is the Breed your considering?
Do they align?
Do you have a yard or will you walk your dog a few times a day?
How strong are you? 
Bigger Breeds will take more time and energy to tire out for the day.  And can rebel in many different ways if not exercised regularly. 



2.  Adopting OR a Breeder?
Adopting-there is a bit of a mystery behind the dogs behavioral history, so you must be someone who is willing to spend the time to train a dog more than usual.
There are positives and negatives to both.  So it’s about what your family is comfortably with.
Breeder-pure breeds can have more health issues than mutts, prepare to invest in pet insurance & find a good vet in your area



3.  Collar Or Harness?

ALL dogs should have a collar with a license.  But in addition a harness can be very useful.
In general getting a harness for a medium to large do is always a good idea.  You’ll be pulling on their neck less and they are more likely to react quicker to a whole body leash pull, when you need their attention.
Small dogs can also benefit from a harness.  It avoids them from slipping out of the collar while training or walking.

4.  Temperament?

Think about and research what the dog breed you want has been bred for.  Is it a designer mixed breed, a lap dog or was it bred to hunt?  What was the dog’s job before we domesticated it?  All these different characteristics will have an effect on what the dog’s personality will be.  Make sure it jives with yours!
5.  Little dogs or BIG dogs?
Think about it, when a small dog or puppy nibbles on your hand it’s cute, if that German Shepard puppy grows up, but still “nibbles” it’s painful!  
Same goes with little dog’s vs. big dog’s.  Think about the amount of kibble, slobber, wet kisses!, fur/shedding, bites, barks (loud or soft, constant & needy or intermittent) and yes, farts, poops & pees too,  
Seriously evaluate your tolerance for these behaviors coming from a big or small dog.  Know what you can handle & how willing you may be to change your behaviors too.  
And remember, small dogs are very portable, so if you travel a lot or are going to leave it in the care of someone else, this may be the way to go.
7.  What’s Your Family’s lifestyle?
Are you a “fly by the seat of your pants” fam, or a “schedule every minute of the day” fam or somewhere in between?  Whether loose-y goose-y or strict military there is a breed for you.
For example a retriever will go with the flow & follow you wherever you go, want 24/7 love & attention, but is also very smart and understands structure. A Pit Bull wants to be the boss, so you need the time to teach him he’s not.
8.  Care/Grooming/Health Needs?
Don’ forget about your dog’s health and constant care.  If your a clean freak, maybe a breed that sheds all day everyday won’t be good for your stress levels.  So try a Terrier, Poodle or Shitzu and focus on cleaning your home instead.  
If you view brushing a dog as a daily relaxing and therapeutic routine, then a German Shepard or Retriever is for you!  
9.  Lifespan?
How long are you willing to take care of your pet?
From kids learning responsibility at a young age by taking care of a pet, to a senior citizen in need of a low maintenance companion, being a puppy parent, IS a lifetime commitment.   
Small dogs tend to live longer 10-15 years while larger breeds can be 8-11 years.
Or maybe you just like taking care of your neighbors or parents dog for short periods of time.  Consider fostering a puppy!  There are many great organizations out there that need in between homes for our furry friends.
10.  Your Dog budget?
And last but most important, your budget!  
-Food Budget
-Vet Budget
-Commitment Budget
small dog = small bills, less time 
big dog = big bills, more time

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