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Puppy and Dog Training Services Near Manasquan, NJ

The quickest and most efficient way to eliminate family dog problems is to have the lessons in your home.  

We do not marry our clients to large, lengthy, multi-lesson packages, designed to stretch out the info spread out over multiple weeks. We give you an abundance of information and options in the first lesson.  We do this to find the shortest route to a happy home without puppy frustration.  What works for some, may not work for to others.  We believe a good dog trainers job is to prescribe specific advice that makes the most sense & works for your individual situation.  There are lots of ways to do this.  For any one dog problem there are multiple solutions.  We use our vast experience to choose the best strategies that work for you & your dog.  In-home dog training is a great way to gather the family, the dog & the trainer in a fun and interactive environment.  

Our philosophy is to fix as much possible in as little time as possible.  Lessons can last from and hour to 2.5 hours.  Most first lessons, run 2 plus hours in order to ensure results.  We don’t watch a clock during lessons, we go until we’re done.  Included with every first lesson price is FREE puppy tech support for life.  Whether a month from now, or a year from now, we are here for you.  That means your questions & any clarification is also available in between lessons, so you don’t have to wait.  Call or Text us, we respond quickly, and provide immediate troubleshooting.  

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